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Jack A. Hamilton & Associates, Inc. has been providing quality services to our clients in state and local govenment, private industry and the general public for 30 years. We provide Surveying, Civil Engineering, Mine Permitting and CAD/GIS services. With a staff of 30, we are one of the largest Surveying/Engineering companies in Southeast Ohio. Throughout our 30 years we have worked on a wide variety of projects in a number of different environments. We have worked in surface and underground mines, coal fired power plants, hazardous waste sites, large and small construction sites, roadway and bridge replacement projects, C & DD sites and landfills, as well as a large number of rural and urban surveys ranging in size from less than 0.1 acre to 14,500 acres. We also have 4 certified scuba divers on staff and would welcome the challenge of providing any underwater services that we are qualified to perform. Our diverse talents, knowledge and experience have enabled us to fulfill our motto for many satisfied clients. "We help our clients solve their problems."

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